Dawn Giles | About
More about me, Bristol-based artist, making art and making art happen.
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About my Work


The history and stories of the things that women make with their hands is at the heart of all I do, from Suffrage banners to darning, from cushion covers to needlework samplers. Useful work that is sometimes devalued by calling it a ‘hobby’.


My work embraces the delights of pattern making, repetition, and decoration to explore and make connections between art, craft and ideas of labour and leisure.


I make images and objects with needles and thread. I draw and make collage. I make things that are domestic in size and materials.

About Me


Artist, organiser, embroiderer, and feminist.

I love small, long dogs and glitter. I wish I lived in Iceland, but I don’t.

In 2016 after 20 years working full-time as a producer, curator and arts administrator I returned to my art practice. I relocated from Bedford to Bristol and am part of an artist-run studio of over 30 artists, performers, film-makers and curators.


If you see me on the bus, at an exhibition or in the street please come and say hi!

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